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Our innovative technology enables precise and accurate absorbed dose calculation, distribution and risk assessment for radiopharmaceuticals.

Partnering with Korea’s key institutes

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Revolutionize Cancer Treatment Planning Worldwide

Founded in 2020, the Company has since assembled experts in the fields of medicine, artificial intelligence, and radiology and core technology utilizes PET-SPECT/CT images and applies a combination of innovative artificial intelligence and micro-dosimetry calculations to guide doctors in formulating treatment plans with radiopharmaceutical agents.



Reduce Error by Using Patient Image


Increased Accuracy in Dose Calculation
5 min

1 min

Increased Calculation Speed through AI
β emiiters

β + α emitters

Precise dose calculation with RBE
As an essential tool for both patients and doctors, RayMed’s software will significantly improve the patient’s chances of survival through enabling precise therapy.
Selected for

The Korean IP-R&D support project

RayMed has been selected for the IP-R&D strategy support project led by the Korean Intellectual Property Strategy Development Institute. We have completed the filing of relevant domestic patents and we are now looking to submit international patents in the United States and Europe through the PCT in the latter half of 2024.

Product and Technology

OnDOSE™, by RayMed, provides accurate assessment of absorbed dose in patients undergoing radiopharmaceutical treatment and tailors treatment plans to each individual patient.

Our model

Revolutionizing Radiopharmaceutical Treatment: Tailored Dosing with OnDOSE™

By combining AI with mechanical and mathematical modeling to assess patient medical images, our software can provide accurate absorbed dose measurements and enable medical professionals to establish patient-tailored treatment plans on-site.

Patients can also gain a better understanding of dosage and treatment response after radiopharmaceutical treatment. Collectively, this can allow medical institutions to establish comprehensive and integrative radiopharmaceutical usage and assessment guidelines.

How it works

Using Image Data for Precise Treatment with OnDOSE™

OnDOSE™ analyzes patient image data transmitted through the hospital’s internal Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) to visualize predicted biodistribution and to assess precise absorbed dose which can aid medical professionals to establish precise treatment plans.


Rapid Dose Calculation: AI's Impact on Treatment Speed

Conventional Monte Carlo-based techniques require at least two to four weeks to calculate radiation dose. However, the use of artificial intelligence can significantly accelerate this process, allowing crucial dosimetry measurements to be made within a minute; thus, greatly enhancing the effectiveness and cost efficiency of radiopharmaceutical treatment for patients.

AI biotech scan
Patient images
Patient images
DNA visual
Patient images
More ACCURATE dosimetry
Computer biotech scan
Precise 3D biodistribution + prediction of patient survival
ACCELERATED AI based calculation
CEO Insights

RayMed's Vision and Innovation

Milestones and Achievements

Establishment of a research facility within the National Radioisotope Drug Development center in Korea

Selected for the 3rd Osong Bio Nesting Project by Korean Government

Designated as a family company of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)

Selected for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Technology Innovation Development Support Program (TIPS) by Korean Government

Establishment of a medical advisory team from key domestic general hospitals in Korea

Funding: Approx. 4 mil USD (venture capital funds and government grants)

About our company

We are experts in the fields of medicine, artificial intelligence, and radiology

Grayson Kim
Grayson Kim
Global Innovative Leader in Bio healthcare
  • PwC Senior Partner (Korea/US/Tokyo) – 30 yrs
  • HLB Life Science
  • M.S., Integrative Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine
  • B.S., Business Administration, Yonsei University

Mr. Grayson Kim has majored in Business administration at Yonsei University and completed his Master’s in Integrated medicine. With 32 years of experience at PwC, he possess a diverse international business experience and world wide networks from locations such as the US, Tokyo, and China. In addition, he is familiar with oversesas listings, M&A, fundraising, and various other aspects of business consulting and operations. He also has served as a standing auditor for the HLB Group, bringing experience and networks related to global pharmaceutical companies.

Wonmo Sung
Wonmo Sung
Leading expert in radiation treatment planning
  • Harvard Medical School / MGH, Research Fellow TOPAS-nBIO developer
  • Ph.D., Radiation Convergence Medical Life Science, Seoul National University
  • M.S., Radiological physics, Seoul National University

Professor Won Mo Sung completed his Ph.D. at Seoul National University, and has previously held a postdoctoral position at Harvard Medical School, where he played a key role in developing the external beam radiation treatment planning system software, TOPAS-nBIO. As one of its core developers, he is now developing an ultra-precise radiation treatment planning software (OnDOSE™) utilizing the company’s core technology of micro-dosimetry.

Kyung Oh Jung
Kyung Oh Jung
Leading expert in nuclear medicine
  • Stanford University / Postdoctoral Fellow
  • M.S. / Ph.D., Nuclear medicine, Seoul National University
  • B.S., Bioengineering, Korea University

Professor Kyung Oh Jung completed his Ph.D. at Seoul National University in nuclear medicine, and was previously a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University, where he pursued research in the development of molecular tools for cellular tracking by positron emission tomography. Through his expertise, he is now aiding in the fine-tuning of OnDOSE™ through incorporation of clinically relevant biological variables.

Hyejin Kim
Hyejin Kim
Micro-dosimetry Specialist
  • Ph.D., Applied Biotechnology, Seoul National University
  • M.S., Radiation Convergence Biomedical Life, Seoul National University

Dr. Hyejin Kim earned her Ph.D. from Seoul National University in applied biotechnology and has extensive experience in leveraging cutting-edge micro-dosimetry technology.

Yoonmin Jang
Medical Imaging software specialist
  • R&D team HeuronCo.,Ltd. / Pemtron Co., Ltd.,
  • B.S., Systems Engineering, Anyang University

Mr. Yoonmin Jang is a specialist in system engineering and is adept at the development of medical imaging software and providing reliable solutions.

Hyunbin Lee
Global RA specialist
  • Pharm D., Northeastern University
  • Biogen Inc.

Mr. Hyubin Lee possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding compliance and understanding of global regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical landscape.

Jiho Rhim
Oncology research specialist
  • M.S., Cancer biology, National Cancer Center GCSP
  • B.S., Biochemistry King’s College London

Mr. Jiho Rhim, with a background in cancer biology, is highly experienced in the laboratory work and oncology-related studies.


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